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Writing for Pay 

Here is my story:*Hi, My name is Penny Lee and this is me today in rehab recovering from a left broken arm (3 places) and a right dislocated shoulder (2 times).  This is the result of a fall in the bathroom.  Please be careful in your bathroom!  But, my story is not about my fall but about how I began making some extra income writing for pay using Online Buyers.  Writers write so even with two badly wounded arms I can still use my fingers to type so I continue to write!

Retirement came early for me, not because it was planned but because my doctor got in my face and said, "I cannot help you unless you quit your stressful job. If you continue on this way you will have a stroke which will probably not kill you but will leave you disabled!" I had no choice at age 61 but to retire way too early from my very stressful 8 to 5 JOB that I purely hated. Fortunately for me I found I was eligible for survivor benefits from my deceased ex-husband. Who knew?  As it turned out, the money was just $200 short of my income after taxes from the job that was literally killing me.

Needing a way to make some supplemental income and having no desire to attempt another 9-5 JOB even if I could find one, I began searching the Internet for options. There are tons of 'get rich quick' opportunities that cost you your hard earned money or savings as it were my case. I tried several but made nothing for my efforts. 

Step #1 Make a Decision to Write for Pay

Then I discovered a real way to earn extra income from home.  I am a creative person and had taken little correspondence courses over the years about non-fiction writing. This is not really my forte as it were. However, there are many, many different avenues you can take to create extra income writing for pay. What I enjoy is learning new things and doing online research to find answers. I found I have a knack for explaining things in a simple to understand way no matter how technical. 'How to' type of content suited me very well and I found writing these type of things very enjoyable.

At this point I had determined that writing would be my 'extra income' option for working in the comfort of my own home at my own pace. The next step was to find individuals (buyers) who would pay me to do 'my thing'. First I needed an opportunity and second I needed practice.

Step #2  Practice by Blogging 

The first thing I did was pay for a course that would certify me as a blogger. Later I discovered that this is completely unnecessary and a waste of money. To be a blogger you can simply begin writing about things that interest you. Just like a 'writer writes', a 'blogger blogs'. Using a free program like Word Press which is now the most popular or other free programs like BlogSpot.com you can add lovely details like pertinent pictures or videos or charts as needed. You can also add optimization which is also free and can bring you some income.

  What is Blogging?

Blogging means you have written an interesting article or some kind of content that offers valuable information and then with an affiliate link or adsense or both added you have an opportunity to make a little money if your reader clicks on your link. In the next article I will explain how to optimize for your pertinent keywords or keyword phrases and how to choose the best words.

Step #3  Find an Online Buyer

My first writing for pay experience was through a website called, Freelancer. This is a free website that offers job postings. You just look through available projects until you find one you think you would like to work on and you place a bid. The same goes for many, many other websites similar to this one. These are all free. They may offer an option to become a paid member but this is not necessary. If it has a fee for bidding on available projects you should not get involved. Paying for a job is not necessary until you are granted a bid. Then the website will charge you and the buyer a small percentage or fee of the completed project. This is the way they make their income and is understandable but do not pay for a membership.

The jobs you will find in Freelancer and others like it will not pay much money. What you bid is up to you but if you bid too high you will not be chosen and if you bid too low you will be working for less money than is worth your time and effort. AS in all things in life, the more experience you have, the greater your reputation as a writer will become and the more you will be able to ask for any project (writing job).

Guru.com is another website offering job postings for writers as well as other types of at home jobs. They offer jobs for data entry (basically spreadsheet posting), web design, programming, technical writing, transcription, translating and more. Job posts in Guru are usually higher paying opportunities and probably for the more experienced writer. The website I use the most and swear by for many reasons is Elance. Yes, this is an affiliate link for me but when I go after a new project I go to Elance first. Elance also offers a large variety of job opportunities for all kinds of writing.

So, from learning how to make decent extra income writing for pay using websites like Elance, I have also learned how to optimize blogs and create optimized websites. In case you are wondering, this is not huge wads of cash but rather decent amounts of steady extra income.

Please 'stay tuned' for my next blogs that will explain how to optimize, how to bid, and how to build a strong reputation as a writer or blogger.

To your success,

Penny (pennywrites)